Driveways & Parking Lots

We take pride in the fact that our driveways last, even under the heaviest of traffic. 

The type of soil you have and the function of your parking lot or driveway are all factors that go into its creation. First, we begin by stripping out 4-6 inches of topsoil. This is done to assure there is a good, solid base of clay before the stone is put on. If a driveway or parking lot is going to be asphalted or concreted, we cut an extra 6-inch width out on each side so that the edges of your surface won’t crumble. All things considered, we will make recommendations according to your situation. We will work with you to develop driveways and parking lots that stand the test of time. 

Some lots have low spots that tend to accumulate water during heavy rainfalls and, consequently, if these spots are near or beside your driveway, it will wash it out after a few months. In this case, we recommend that you install some sort of drainage tile to keep the water out. You can avoid the soft spots this can create by putting down an excavation fabric under the # 2 stone to solidify the driveway.

Whether a business or residential area, it is inconvenient to have a parking lot that is consistently holding water. We usually recommend putting in catch basins for parking lot drainage. These collect the surface water and send it through a tile to an outlet. This keeps the water out and your lot clear and functional.

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Good driveways and parking lots are an important part of building a quality property. Repeated daily use can cause parking lots and driveways tend to break down over time. Contact us today to learn more. Treck through your property confidently with our driveways and parking lots!