Geothermal Systems

Outdoor temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons but underground temperatures don’t change as dramatically. A few feet below the surface of the earth, the temperature stays at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Geothermal heat pumps rely on this relatively constant temperature to “pump” the warmth of the earth (which is stored solar energy) up to a higher temperature and distribute it into your home. This translates into a higher efficiency unit with reduced energy costs. 

Benefits Include:

  • Low maintenance and long-lived- The indoor components typically last about 25 years (compared with 15 years or less for a furnace or conventional AC unit) and more than 50 years for the ground loop. The system has fewer moving parts and is protected from outdoor elements, so it requires minimal maintenance.
  • Much lower operating costs than other systems
  • Uses clean, renewable energy (the sun)
  • Works well for both heating and cooling
  • Much quieter than other cooling systems- Systems run very quiet and there is no equipment outside to bother neighbors
  • There may be federal, state or local incentives available
  • Can be installed in both new construction and retrofit situations

There are 2 installation options: 

  1. If you already have a pond or have plans to have one, we will use your pond as the location for the pipes that will be supplying your geothermal system. This doesn’t alter your pond in any way or create danger for swimming and fishing. 
  2. Install a closed loop system that would be underground in your yard. This option will tear up your yard for the initial install, but after we  are done and have re-graded your yard for seeding, everything will be as good as, if not better than when we started. 
geothermal systems