We do our best to accommodate each and every unique request so that you get exactly what you need. We work in collaboration with other contractors to provide a turnkey approach for your project completionIf you do not find exactly what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us with other inquires. 


Site Development


  • Basements
  • Ponds  
  • Footers


Whatever the drainage needs are for your property, we can help you. We can reshape what you already have in order to maximize water runoff or we can install underground drainage tile that will catch and extract the excess water.

  • Down spout drainage
  • Storm system drainage

Footers/Post Holes

When building a post frame building or adding an addition to your home or barn, we can dig the necessary holes or footers. With our mini excavator, we have the ability to get in to small places that a full size backhoe could not.

Building Pads

When preparing any type of new building, the need for a solid base is imperative. A concrete building pad, more typically referred to as a slab, must be properly planned for and poured to ensure that it will adequately support the structure. Sub-grade preparation is key to ensuring that the slab will be evenly supported and not fail. Top soil must be removed from the site before sub-grade fill can be compacted and base material imported. Whether you are putting a portable shed in your back yard, or constructing a large post frame barn, we can prepare the site properly.

Finish Grades

The finish grade is the foundational manicure of every fine lawn. It provides the final shaping and prepares the new yard for seeding. We can either work with the existing dirt to give you the best yard possible, or we can provide you with some of the finest quality top soil to give you the best base for an aesthetically pleasing yard. We work closely with Ground Works Unlimited for your seeding needs and pride ourselves on attaining the best finish grade possible.


Whether you are looking to demo a small residential house or a big commercial building, our crews can get it done. We can bring down large trees from the root while clearing out any surrounding brush, in order to give you the canvas you need for your building project.

  • Large tree removal from the root
  • Small residential homes
  • Commercial buildings

Septic Systems

We will assess your soil to determine and design the type of septic system that will best suit your soil type. We are certified in the state of Ohio to install, replace, and service septic systems. We make sure that we stay up-to-date on all of the latest information and requirements.

  • Certified installation, replacement, and servicing
  • Customized system for your soil type
  • Mound systems
  • Drip systems
  • Leach fields

Check out Septic Systems for more information.


Dugout or excavated ponds are constructed in areas of flat or gently sloping land not suited for ponds with dams. Dug ponds are created by removing soil and allowing water to fill in. Most of the water supply comes from ground water seepage or natural springs and soils are usually made up of materials that allow free movement of water through the pond bottom.

Ponds are beautiful and can be used for recreational purposes, but they can also be functional and help save money in the long run. They can be useful when dealing with drainage problems and can also help with your heating and cooling needs. Check out Geothermal Systems for more information.  

  • Recreational/fishing ponds
  • Drainage